10 Healthy Sugar Substitutes That You Can Start Using Today

Even though there are many opposing trends in the healthy eating movement, one thing that everyone can all agree with is the fact that too much sugar is bad for us. This discovery has led to many sugar substitutes that could be healthier for the body.

Dozens of these sugar substitutes exist in liquid forms like honey to brown sugar substitutes like palm sugar. However, some are more nutritious and beneficial than others.

If your goal is to reduce your sugar intake and eventually get rid of sugar cravings, this list will give you a variety of healthy sugar substitutes to choose from.

Best Sugar Substitutes


Honey is one of the most popular sugar substitutes for very good reasons. It’s a naturally sweet food substance that’s produced by bees. It can be used in both food or drinks.

Honey contains about 69% glucose and fructose, and it’s rich in vitamins and minerals including Vitamin C, calcium, and iron. Not surprisingly, this natural sugar alternative acts as a weight loss and energy booster.

Honey can be used in hot or cold beverages, sauces, baking, and dressings.


Blackstrap molasses is one of the natural sugar substitutes that is made from sugarcane. To be more specific, it is the unfiltered by-product of the sugar making process.

This means that it is packed with the nutrients that sugar doesn’t have.

Molasses has a very strong flavor and can easily overpower your dish’s color and flavor if too much is used. However, it is said to have many health benefits.

Molasses are high in antioxidants and is great for bone health, weight management, and constipation.

Maple Syrup

This is a popular sugar substitute that is both delicious and nutrient-dense.

Maple syrup has many health benefits such as reducing inflammation and improving digestion. It contains antioxidants and phytonutrients that are more beneficial than sugar. It also has a lower glycemic index.

Coconut Palm Sugar

The coconut tree produces some of the best health products that can be used externally and internally. This is no exception. Coconut palm sugar is made from coconut blossoms of the coconut tree.

Coconut palm sugar is the same as regular granulated sugar if you are concerned about calories. However, it’s less processed than regular sugar and has a glycemic index of 35, which makes it a low-glycemic sugar.

It’s one of the best brown sugar substitutes for baking as it can be used in a 1:1 ratio. It can also be used in any other recipe that calls for sugar.


Stevia is a zero calorie sugar substitute that has no impact on blood glucose levels. This sweetener is derived from a plant and can be almost 200x sweeter than sugar when used in the same ratio. This means you can use a very small amount of stevia to get the same sweetness. [1]

Some benefits of stevia include potential weight control and lower blood pressure.

Monk Fruit

Monk fruit, also called luo han guo, is a very sweet fruit that originates from the East. It is very popular because it doesn’t raise blood sugar levels, has little to no calories, and it is very sweet.

Like stevia, a very small amount is needed because it can be up to 200 times sweeter than sugar. The FDA recognizes it as safe, even for people with diabetes.

When purchasing low carb sweeteners like monk fruit, it’s important to ensure that monk fruit is the only ingredient because manufacturers may use other fillers in the product.


These are delicious fruits that are very sweet. While many other sweeteners on this list have been processed in some form, dates are mostly dried and pitted. Further processing can give you date sugar, which makes it more versatile.

Aside from being packed with essential nutrients, dates have many other health benefits.

Some of these include constipation relief, healthy weight gain, and diarrhea relief. In a nutshell, dates are very good for your digestive health. [1]


These are my favorite natural sweeteners. While bananas may not be as sweet as the other sugar substitutes mentioned here, it’s one of the few that can be easily sourced and used in its natural form.

You can use bananas in smoothies, cookies, cereal, or just eat it raw for a sweet snack.

Some of the benefits of bananas include lowering blood pressure, improving heart health, and improving digestive health.


Raisins are actually dried grapes that are naturally sweet. Despite the small size of these natural sweeteners, they are quite nutritious and beneficial for your health.

Some of the health benefits of raisins include improved digestion and the treatment of anemia, fever, and bloating. [1]

Raisins can be used in cookies, muffins, energy bars, salads, and simple snacks.

Powdered Erythritol

This is a great artificial powdered sugar substitute to use when baking. Erythritol is a sugar alcohol that is derived from plants. It has virtually no glycemic impact and it is very versatile.

Powdered Erythritol is great for baking and can be used to make frosting, glazes, and even add to your batters to replace sugar.

Granular erythritol is another option, but both sugar substitutes are made in the same process.

When approached correctly, using sugar doesn’t have to result in sickness and fatigue. However, it depends on the type of sugars we use as well as the amount.

Moderation is very important, even when using sugar substitutes that have little to no carbs or calories. Choosing healthier alternatives to sugar is definitely a good choice to make for your health in the long run.


10 Healthy Sugar Substitutes That You Can Start Using Today

10 Healthy Sugar Substitutes That You Can Start Using Today

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