20 Uses Of Toothpaste That Will Certainly Amaze You!

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The toothpaste is not just used for brushing the teeth, but it also has other numerous useful purposes. We will present you some ways how to use the toothpaste in the household and for beauty

*Silver polish*

Products that are meant to clean the silver can cost a lot, but toothpaste can save the blotchy and dirty silver. Just rub some of it on the silver and the shine will be restored. It’ll be brighter than it was when you bought it.

*Car headlights*

Not just the metals parts, but also the car headlights need attention. You should apply some toothpaste on a sponge and rub them. It will remove the dirt.

*Whiten old piano’ keys*

Yellow keys on a beautiful piano can be really ugly thing. But toothpaste can whiten them and they will look brighter than ever.

*Clean the snickers*

Toothpaste can clean all the dirt of the plastic parts of the snickers. Just rub some with a sponge and you will be amazed.

*Aviator goggles*

Toothpaste can clean the goggles. Apply toothpaste in thin layer in order to prevent fogging.

*Table stains*

Toothpaste can help you clean the stains on the table made by the glasses and cups.

*Stains of ink on shirts*

The real solution for this problem is the toothpaste. Apply some toothpaste on the stain and leave it for a day. The next day, wash the shirt.

*Stains of dye on towels*

It can really be annoying to have stains of dye on the towels, but fortunately, toothpaste can remove the stains.

*Insect bites*

You’ll never be afraid of insects again. You should apply a little on the bite area and the redness and itching will be reduced.


You can eliminate the nasty pimples with the help of toothpaste.

*Clean the iron*

Toothpaste can help you clean the iron and it’ll look as the day you bought it.

*Clean the smart phone*

Toothpaste can clean your phone even it may sound a little strange.


You can clean the footwear with toothpaste and they will also smell fresh.

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*Clean the carpet*

Apply some of it on a sponge and clean the carpet. You will be amazed by the results.

*Enamel stains*

Cleaning them will keep you safe from the paying effort and it also provides nice scent.

*Dirty hands*

The best way to wash your hands is by using toothpaste.

*Clean the thermos*

Use toothpaste of you don’t like how the thermos smells. Fill the thermos with hot water and add some toothpaste. Shake well and it will be disinfected and clean.

*Fix DVD and CD*

If the CD skips, you can’t enjoy the favorite song. Just rub some toothpaste on the scratches.

*Removes car scratches*

Apply some of it on a cloth and rub it on scratches. Wipe it off with a clean cloth and enjoy the shine.

*Hang posters*

The toothpaste can be also used as glue. Add some on each corner of the poster and put it up. If you like to take it down, it is very easy and it won’t damage the walls.

These were some of the uses of toothpaste. It a toxin-free product and you can use it for countless purposes.

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