5 DIY IKEA Hacks To Transform Your Furniture On A Small Budget

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If you’re looking to give the furniture and decor in your home a makeover but don’t have the money to buy expensive items, DIY IKEA hacks can be a real lifesaver.

As you probably know, IKEA pieces can sometimes be some of the most affordable furniture you can buy. Unfortunately, they are also some of the most boring and plain looking furniture pieces you can buy.

But what I really love about IKEA items is the various ways you can tweak and hack them into beautiful and expensive looking furniture pieces.

Creative DIY IKEA Hacks You Need To Try

Many of the IKEA hacks you can find online are truly brilliant and creative. Sometimes you’ll end up with items that you won’t believe started out as cheap and simple looking IKEA pieces.

I’ve rounded up some of the best inexpensive and simple IKEA Hacks from around the web.

If you’d like to see the full tutorial for any of these IKEA hacks, please click on the link below each image and you’ll be taken to the relevant website.


How cute is this DIY IKEA bar cart? With just a few simple steps you can create one for yourself!

Color Dipped Stools

These inexpensive stools are such a great steal, perfect for a little paint “dip” that we’ve been seeing everywhere.

Seriously, a mere $19 at IKEA and these can be yours. Plunk them down in the kitchen or as a table for your littlest loves; they even work as a pretty potted plant holder.

By painting the legs in pastel hues perfect for the season, these DIY Dipped Stools will add a splash of Spring to your home.

Golden Striped Side Table

Bring an old table to life again with this gorgeous table hack. This kind of side table makeover could be done with any sort of table with a smooth, clean top.

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Found from Dwell Beautiful

DIY Farmhouse Coffee Table

Anyone else love the farmhouse look as much as I do? Then this one is for you!

If you don’t want to go to the expense of buying a new coffee table for this project, just use whatever old coffee table you have- the idea for the project is the same.

IKEA Kallax Sideboard

Love this IKEA Kallax hack! It might be a little more work to add the wooden legs but I love the clean and modern effect it gives.

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