Sugar Detox In 10 Days (Restart Brain and Body)

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There is a data about the consumption of sugar in America that seems to be a bit scary. It’s actually worth worrying because the research showed that an average American consumes about 154 pounds of sugar a year. The problem lies in the fact that sugar can be fatal for the health of a person because it can lead to diabetes, inflammation and other issues.

This is why experts recommend sugar detox, and they say it’s a must especially if you love eating sweet things. We are about to tell you one extremely effective way to do that without strict diet, with no carvings and bland food. You will accomplish the thing that you never thought you will: you will no longer be sugar addict.

10-Day Detox Diet

Decide to Detox

If you are firm with your decision to detox your organism from sugar, then you will succeed. On the contrary you will only torture yourself because you will break the rules. When you are decided everything is much easier.

Cold Turkey

You should be aware that consuming to much sugar is also an addiction as any other. The detox will last 10 days, and during this time you should avoid it in every form.

Don’t Drink Your Calories

Especially try to avoid sodas, sports drinks, sweetened teas and other sugary juices.

Protein Power

You must use the power of proteins which will balance the blood sugar and insulin level. Furthermore, you should include whole farm egg or a protein shake in your daily diet, preferably in your breakfast. One more thing is to eat more nuts, seeds, eggs, chicken and fish.

Unlimited (Good) Carbs

Eat a lot of vegetables, but no potatoes, beets or sweet potatoes. Also, you must increase the intake of broccoli, kale, peppers, greens, tomatoes and artichokes.

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Fight Sugar With Fat

Consume some healthy fat throughout some foods, for example or virgin olive oil and avocado.

Reduce Stress

Try to relax a bit and live more calmly. Don’t stress over every little thing that happens in order to avoid the cortisol to make you hungry.

Proper Sleep

You must think of this every night before you go to sleep. Try to rest at least 7 hours and get your beauty and healthy sleep.

Sugar Detox In 10 Days (Restart Brain and Body)

Sugar Detox In 10 Days (Restart Brain and Body)

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