This Is Why He’ll Cheat On You, According To His Zodiac Sign

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It looks like you are both in love. Yet, he cheats on you. Was it his body or his heart that seeks for more, or is there a deep psychological need that has to be satisfied? While scientists ponder on questions of genetic or circumstantial reasons for cheating, astrology has its own analysis on why men from different zodiac signs are impelled to look for happiness outside their relationships.


A Cancer man is devoted to a single partner all his life. Come what may, he does not consider cheating an option. A cancer partner relates to you with great sensitivity, and when you fail to recognize his love, he gets the impression that you do not understand his feelings. However, he still would not cheat on you, as he would have to deal with one of the most difficult emotions: guilt.


Energetic and independent, this fun person can love you and still stray as Leo men look at love and lovemaking as separate experiences. You’d better ensure that all his needs are met for he can embark on an unemotional between-the-sheets adventure with an outsider without a qualm.


The Virgo man dislikes arguments and clashes with his partner. Not being expressive himself, he finds disagreements too difficult to handle and questions the worth of his relationship. But Virgo men are among the most committed as well and it is very rare for them to stray from a stable relationship.


The Libra man thinks that harmony in life is of paramount importance. In addition, he hates to be alone. So, he would do all that he can to keep his partner happy and enjoy the stability a strong relationship gives him.


Scorpio’s strength as a lover could well be his weakness when you assess the probability of his cheating. Passionate and sensual, a Scorpion man would ensure that you have qualities that would make you the ideal object of his enthusiastic ardor. If the quality of the relationship becomes tepid, however, then the Scorpio man is likely to have an affair with someone else whom he trusts, like an old flame or a friend.


A Sagittarius man is impulsive and gives into experiencing anything new that comes by. They enjoy being in relationships and can discriminate between a significant love and a fling. Careful not to hurt you, he is still game for anything fresh and fun that life has to offer.

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Hard to impress and careful in his choice of partners, the Capricorn man is too honest to cheat on you. That being said, his principles can take a back seat if he knows you are cheating and he plans to take revenge. All in all, the Capricorn man is a good catch as long as you are honest with him.


The Aquarian reaches out to his partner constantly by sharing his thoughts. In general, he trusts you and is the least controlling of all men. You can be as independent as you wish to be and make your own life choices, but only as long as you remain loyal. If you stray, so will he.


Pisces have an adorable romantic side, they always put you above their own selves. Both in bed and outside, you will find yourself immersed in their generosity and gentle love that expects very little in return. Well, if you still don’t understand how loving they are, that could lead to disappointment, and they might begin to look for love outside the relationship you share.


Romance with Aries begins with a flourish, as he is flirtatious and upfront about his feelings. Once you are hooked in, you will stay that way because he continues to be effervescent, loving, and caring. But his lust for adventure could lead him astray into a fresh romance, even when you think you are in the best of relationships. One way you can prevent this is to avoid the humdrum and keep the thrill alive in what you do every day.


What a Taurus man craves for is security. Signs of insecurity can push him towards being unfaithful. Though he takes time to become emotionally attached, once he commits himself to you, he expects you to be faithful and committed.


A Gemini man is eager to date several women so that he can choose the person who is as high in energy and intellect as he himself is. But his primal need is to get connected and stay that way forever. If you fail to communicate openly with him, he will look around for a new partner.

Long-term relationships add luster to life. Keeping them stable becomes just a tad easier if a woman knows what is of paramount importance to her man. So, now that your man’s zodiac has given you a little more insight, we wish you the very best!

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